Meneate Viena Stern


¡Menéate! Viena is the first Afrocuban dance festival to promote Cuban music and culture in Vienna and the largest of its kind in Austria.. The four-day festival is organized by ¡Menéate! Viena, the association to promote Cuban culture..

Our association focuses on dance and music. We aim to promote physical activity and artistic expression through dance and music, further networking among everybody interested in Cuban culture in Vienna and contribute to cultural diversity in Austria.

Our first festival in spring 2023 connects the local dance and music scene of Vienna with the national and international community. We bring some of the best Cuban instructors and emerging newcomers in Austria and Europe together with dancers from Austria and abroad to share our joint passion and love for Cuban culture, dance and music.


The association was founded in connection with the 10-year anniversary of cubaila viena, which has passionately been spreading the enthralling allure of the joyfulness of Cuban dance in Vienna for a decade, making authentic Afrocuban culture visible and experienceable through dance classes and events.

With ¡Menéate! Viena we aim to intensify our support for Cuban culture, in particular dance and music, together with other dance enthusiasts – across countries, cultures and generations.


¡Menéate! Viena is a non-profit association; our activities are not profit-oriented. With our activities, we also aim to support culture and development projects in Cuba, and we therefore donate net proceeds to selected projects and organizations in Cuba.

Our current Social Partner, the international children’s relief organization Camaquito, has been supporting children, youths and young adults aged 18-25 in Cuba in education, sports, culture, health and the environment for more than 20 years. The projects of Camaquito primarily focus on the Camagüey province right in the heart of Cuba as well as the province Santiago de Cuba. Individual projects are also supported in the capital Havana and the province Ciego de Ávila.

Camaquito was founded in Switzerland in 2001, in Germany in 2003 and in Austria in 2016. Since 2021 the organization has also been operating in Spain. In all countries Camaquito is recognized as a non-profit children’s relief organization, and it is politically and denominationally independent.

More info: www.camaquito.org

All net proceeds from the 2023 festival will be donated to Camaquito.

Meneate Viena Stern



Founder & board member

Joanna is the heart and soul (and brain) of ¡Menéate! Viena. As dance instructor and the woman behind cubaila viena, she combines loads of workshop and festival experience with never-ending love and passion for Cuban culture, music and dance.


Founder & board member

El Papi of cubaila viena is the calm, wise anchor on the ¡Menéate! team. When he isn’t teaching dance classes, the long-time cornerstone of the Vienna salsa scene works as English coordinator and puts the final touches on all our texts in German and English.



The Rumbero of Vienna & Texas is a passionate dancer whose energy stays on the beat also at the highest speeds. In his main job, Hans is an expert for engines and machines, that’s why at our festival he is the man for everything technology from A to Z.



Bavaria, Vienna or Peru? Livewire Magdalena is at home wherever her dance heart is beating. With her open manner, she is looking for sponsors and funding authorities that would like to actively support our festival.



Numbers & dancing? A perfect combination, if you ask Petra. The finance expert provides ¡Menéate! Viena with accurate figures and the right measures in budget planning and cost accounting.



Shivo is as creative as a designer as he is on the dancefloor. The experienced salsero not only delivers loads of joy and great moves in his dancing, but also the artwork for everything from social media to merchandise.



Vicky doesn’t set only this text straight, but also this website. When she isn’t dancing, she works as copywriter / text creator & online marketing expert. For ¡Menéate! Viena she has designed the website you are using right now!



Viki is breathing timba from head to toe. Whether it’s her travels to salsa festivals or her dance workshops, the passion for music & musicality are always there. At ¡Menéate! Viena she is making our social media channels bop.



Always spreading his good mood, Vincent is ideally cast as coordinator of the many volunteers at our festival. His occupational background in pedagogy and psychology makes him a professional in all things motivational – at work and also on the dancefloor.